Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google Transparency Report Praises The Use of HTTPS That Makes The Web Safer

The latest Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google Transparency report says that the internet is a lot safer today that it was a year ago. The report also outlines the immigration of various sites to HTTPS; the protocol that is commonly used to secure internet communication. Approximately one billion people use Google Safe Browsing. Thus it is necessary to have safe browsing identities that provide details about the threats or any warning.

According to Adrienne Porter Felt and Emily Schechter of the Chrome Security Team, a web with ubiquitous HTTPS does not necessarily have to be in the future. Furthermore, billions of URLs are examined on a daily basis leading to the discovery of thousands of new unsafe sites.

According to Google Transparency report, the tech giant began the measuring of HTTPS connections. The metrics allow the company understands better Chrome users’ HTTPS experiences. Working on these experiences helps in improving Chrome’s user interface. Google’s Safe Browsing technology categorizes the unsafe sites into two categories but nonetheless, both of them are a threat to users’ privacy and security; malware and phishing sites.

Google found, “Secure web browsing through HTTPS is becoming the norm. Desktop users load more than half of the pages they view over HTTPS and spend two-thirds of their time on HTTPS pages,” Google found.” Besides, “HTTPS is less prevalent on mobile devices, but we see an upward trend there, too.”

Technology is slowly taking the rule of the airwaves

It is not a secret that the world is taking a different direction in regards to technology. On their blog post, Felt and Schechter emphasize that HTTPS is currently enabling the best performance of a majority of web offers. The powerful features the likes of service workers for offline support, HTML5 geolocation API and web push notifications are all beneficial to site conversions.

The duo also speaks out of its commitment to continue to ensure smooth flow of migrating to HTTPS. This is the only way to provide businesses with increased security. It is becoming Google’s hope in countries the likes of Japan, which does not have HTTPS use like in Russia. Nonetheless, the Google Transparency report does not outline how the company intends to achieve this.

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