Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google’s Internet Backed Kiosks Will Be Making Their Way Into London

Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) is everywhere, where technological development is involved. An example of this is the new kiosks that the tech giant plans to be a part of integrating throughout the city of London.

The company plans to replace the hundreds of phone booths that are currently available in the city, with sidewalk kiosks that have a numerous amount of advantages over the traditional public communication system.

Included in these advantages, the kiosk features a free-WiFi connection, free phone calls, as well as on-screen maps and directions for those that need to figure out where they are going and quickly.

More details about the Google-backed kiosk plans for London

This is not the first city where the tech giant has undergone this project. Another city where Google has implemented this ‘Google-backed kiosks’ successfully is New York city. The total value of the project that was carried out in New York is approximate $800 million.

Now that the tech giant has decided to expand into other regions, it is clear that the days of old-style phone booths are soon going to be obsolete. Subsidiaries of Google such as Sidewalk Labs will be responsible for assisting google with this project.

Telecommunication giant BT Group plc (ADR) (NYSE:BT) will also be responsible for assisting Google in the implementation of this project. The companies announced that the kiosks will be called LinkUK throughout London.

More details on LinkUK

A press release involving LinkUK incurred early Tuesday morning. During this press release, a spokesman for the project stated: “Hundreds of users within the range of a Link will be able to access free, high-speed WiFi on the move.”

It was also announced in the press release that citizens can anticipate outstanding speeds of up to 1GB/s.

Due to reports of the New York-based Kiosks, it is clear that LinkUK should be expecting approximately 671,000 WiFi users, 34 million WiFi sessions, and tens upon thousands of free phone calls weekly. This service offers a way for citizens to remain connected while commuting and has been taken up with thunderous approval.

Google stock closed on $828.55 on Monday after drastically dropping by $7.19 or 0.86%

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