Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Mac Vs. Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) PC The Rivalry Continues

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Mac Vs Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) PC rivalry rages on. Although, there is no evident tech giant in the lead. Various reports done, illustrate details that might be worthy of consideration for those looking into purchasing a computer or Mac.

An IBM report illustrated that in comparison with customer’s issues that arise from the two different types of computers, it was found Apple was slightly in the lead. The report illustrated that 27 percent of tickets raised by normal computer users, required a desk-side visit. Whereas, regarding desk-side visits, only 5 percent of the tickets raised, was this necessary for Mac users.

Mac Vs. PC’s which is the more dominant operating system

Although it is true reports on Mac Vs. PC show that the total tickets for Mac users are dropping, this follows Apple’s employments to better teach its customers how to efficiently utilize the software. After their methods were implemented it was found that the rate of tickets decreased by over 4.4 percent to 3.2 percent requiring assistance.

However, this is still not the more dominant operating system in the market. The reason behind this is pure because of the Mac OS, is exclusively for MAC users. Whereas, all computers are able to make use of Microsoft Operating System, making it seem as if it is the preferred system.

Reports further illustrated that approximately 1,300 Macs are shipped per week. Following this trend, Apple is expected to ship out around 100,000 Mac products around the start of 2017.

Is Mac slowly conquering average PC users or is the competition slowly dying out

Despite the ideology of a long war between the rival companies, dating back to before 1986, critics claim that no longer is the choice between a Mac, or a normal Computer a lifestyle choice. Rather, it is perceived in modern times as a choice of preference. Which software works most efficiently for the individual in question.

Mac Vs. PC rivalry may be over, but it will never be forgotten. In order to make it easier for potential customers to switch between the two types of computers, both companies continue their efforts to make exclusive software, such as Apple Music, and Office Applications versatile for both operating systems.

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