Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Surface Dial And What Applications Will Work With It

The Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) surface dial, came as a surprise announcement, during the hardware conference, that took place last week. The new product was designed to be a complimentary input option to other devices, such as the traditional mouse, and keyboard.

The main purpose of the extra input option is to work in cohesion with various drawing applications. Examples of these applications would be the likes of Sketchable and Sketchpad. Microsoft announced that with these applications, one would have a menu at their disposal, which will enable simple swapping between various brushes, and colors.

However, the tech giant also announced that with various entities, such as the start-up of the operating system the Microsoft Surface Dial, will have a very limited function. In fact, it was reported that upon startup, the only function that the surface dial can really be used for is basic volume, and zooming controls.

What applications will the Microsoft Surface Dial be useful to use

As expected, the majority of the operating systems own applications will have various uses for the integration of the surface dial. Examples of applications that will be able to make use of the integration of this hardware include, Windows operating system, OneNote, Groove Music, Microsoft Photos, Microsoft Office (including PowerPoint), as well as PewPew shooter.

However, these are just the starter applications that already have the functionality of sorts with the Microsoft Surface dial. Various other application developers have announced the intent to incorporate features, where the surface dial will become a beneficial input option. One such company is the global streaming service Spotify.

Further details regarding the Surface Dial

It has already been announced by the company, that the Surface Dial product will be available in retail stores on November 10. However, pre-orders are available for those who wish to guarantee they will be one of the first to receive the product.

The expected retail price for the Microsoft Surface Dial is $100. The tech giant also announced that the Surface dial will be compatible with various technologies, such as the Surface Pro 4, Surface Book, as well as Surface Studio.

On Monday, Microsoft’s stock closed at $59.92, after a incline of $0.05, or 0.08%

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