James Quigley – Editor

James serves as Chief Editor for Transcipt Daily and comes to us from a background of 35 years in journalism. Our contributors say he can be ruthless when it comes to editing and fact checking so they have to stay on their toes. James resides on Chicago with his wife and has two sons who also went to college for journalism degrees.


Joseph Casey – Contributor

Joseph graduated for the University of Florida and was a political science major – He covers all areas of politics and business related topics for the site. He still lives in the Sunshine State and is single but looking.


Lauren Steadman – Contributor

Lauren hails from the Pacific Northwest and still I’ve there while contributing to our health and science sections. A former Medical Major Lauren moved into journalism a move she does not regret. She also serves as a back up editor when James is out.


Casey Walker – Contributor

Casey follows IPOs and other related markets for Transcript Daily. He has contributed to a variety of financial websites and is a graduate of the University of Minnesota, but has since relocated to the much warmer south Texas.


Linda Flegge – Contributor

Linda is a technology geek and always has been. She will cover technology stories for the site. Linda lives in the Silicon Valley which is a great place for techies to live. She graduated from UCLA but will not reveal what year.